Our Story

bace founder photo

Hi, I’m Suzy, the founder of bace foods. I’m a typical Mum with a hectic family lifestyle. We sometimes eat at different times and I don’t always have the time to cook from scratch. When I do have the time to cook, it’s my biggest pleasure. It’s my way of relaxing, a way of clearing my mind, a kind of meditation I suppose. I love the creative nature of it. I’m lucky to have come from a long line of fantastic home cooks so I suppose it’s in my blood! Some years ago I became increasingly aware that we all need to eat more veg and plant-based foods for the sake of our health and for the planet.

The journey to launching bace turned out to be a voyage of discovery. I met some fantastic local producers along the way and received help from so many enthusiastic foodies in the business. I spent hours in recipe development and subjected my family to endless tastings. I started making beautifully smooth sauces packed full of veg. They were perfect for fussy eaters and those wanting to easily add lots of veg into their diet. Finally I decided to add whole British-grown pulses (beans & peas). This was driven by my mission to reduce the amount of meat in our diet and benefit from the protein, fibre and nutrients found in pulses.

I settled on 3 products popping peas with perks, aromatic peas with perks and baked beans with benefits. Each has a different flavour profile and contains different pulses. They quickly became my versatile go-to meal solutions, giving me a head start in the kitchen. The ability to create a myriad of different meals and snacks by just adding a few other ingredients was life changing. The idea of bace was born.

So what makes bace different?

Our pots are amazingly versatile, protein-packed, plant-based, they have a smooth and creamy texture (without any dairy), contain no added sugar and are low in salt. What other sauce can you stir into risotto, make into falafels, serve on toast, use as the base to a curry and much more?

I really hope you enjoy tasting them and trying out my recipe ideas. Please let me know what you think and why not share how you’ve been using our products on social media.

Suzy Smith
Founder, bace foods

A note about our choice of packaging: We are conscious of the impact of plastic on the environment but as a small start up our pots were the most suitable and viable option open to us. They are however fully recyclable and can also be re-used for freezing and storing your homemade food and leftovers. We are looking to adopt a more eco-friendly packaging solution in the future.