Our Story

The original idea of bace was conceived when I started batch cooking blends of veg and pulses and then freezing them. They were useful as a base to a meal when I was time-pressed and in need of something healthy to feed the family. They quickly became my versatile go-to meal solutions, giving me a head start in the kitchen. The ability to create a myriad of different meals and snacks by just adding a few other ingredients was life changing. The idea of bace was born.

I’d been trying to do my bit for the planet too by reducing our consumption of meat and replacing it with plant based proteins. This is when I came across Hodmedod’s who source and supply British grown pulses that are more sustainably produced. They’re also passionate about searching out less well known varieties such as the fava bean, grown in Britain since the Iron Age but little eaten in recent times. This was exciting!

After many months of experimentation and taste testing I’ve honed and refined my three favourite recipes to create green peas with perks, carlin peas with perks and beans with benefits. I hope you enjoy them! Please let me know what you think and why not share how you’ve been using our products.


Suzy Smith
Founder, bace foods


A note about our choice of packaging: We are conscious of the impact of plastic on the environment but as a small start up our pots were the most suitable and viable option open to us. They are however fully recyclable and can also be re-used for freezing and storing your homemade food and leftovers. We are looking to adopt a more eco-friendly packaging solution in the future.