Our Story

Suzy Smith Bace FoodsHi, I’m Suzy, the founder of bace foods. We make a range of quick & easy meal option pots that can be used as a topper, stir-in or side.

Our mantra is convenience without compromise.

I’m a busy working Mum to two energetic (and hungry boys) so I know what it’s like to feel under pressure. I’m often ferrying them to after school clubs and then rushing home to help with reading and homework so it leaves little time to prepare healthy and tasty food. That’s why I created bace “quick & easy meal options”. I’ve always got something yummy on hand to feed the whole family.

We all lead busy lives so why not let bace do some of the hard work for you? That way you get maximum taste with minimum effort.

I also believe that life is too short to eat rubbish food. It’s one of life’s simple pleasures, when you eat well you feel fab! Our products contain no nasties, no added sugar, they’re low in salt but most importantly they’re packed with veg and plant-based protein, including some interesting varieties of British-grown peas and beans sourced from our friends over at Hodmedod’s.  

Check out our recipes tab; they’re all super-easy and taste delicious. In most cases you only need to add a handful of other ingredients. With every pot there’s endless options. Add what you like, get creative. If anyone asks, just say you made it from scratch yourself. We don’t mind! Your secret is safe with us…